Riva Freifeld — Credit List

ANNIE OAKLEY,  60 minute documentary for AMERICAN EXPERIENCE. Funded by a major grant from the  National Endowment for the Humanities.  PBS airdate: May 8, 2006. PRODUCER, DIRECTOR

REDISCOVERING GEORGE WASHINGTON,  90 minute portrait of 1st president, hosted by Richard Brookhiser, historian.  Producer: Michael Pack, Manifold Productions.  PBS airdate:  July 4, 2002.

THE FALL OF NEWT GINGRICH, 90 minute cinema-vérité film about the last four months of Gingrich’s reign as speaker.  Producer: Michael Pack, Manifold Productions.  PBS  airdate: August 30, 2000.

LIVING ON THE FAULT LINE, Hour 2 of SURVIVING THE BOTTOM LINE with Hedrick Smith, a look at the pros and cons of today’s Wall Street driven culture. PBS January, 1998. Producer, Barak Goodman. 

BIG SUGAR, 15 minute story about campaign finance irregularities in the sugar industry, with Hedrick Smith, for the Lehrer Newshour, aired on March 25, 1997. Producer: Barak Goodman.

WOMEN WHO WON GOLD, 2 half hour episodes — on Babe Didrikson and Althea Gibson — part of an ESPN series, aired in June, 1996.  Producer: Jonathan Diamond.

THE SEARCH FOR SATAN, one hour Frontline documentary about a woman who was diagnosed incorrectly as being a part of a Satanic cult. Aired October 24, 1995. Producer: Ofra Bikel.

A GLORIOUS WAY TO DIE, 24 minute film for National Geographic Explorer, about dangerous rafting in Siberia. 1995.  Producer: Jaime Bernanke.

REDESIGNING THE HUMAN MACHINE, one hour film in the 3 part INNOVATION series, PEOPLE IN MOTION, about people with disabilities who are helped by new technology. Hosted by Itzhak Perlman. Producer: Jan Legnitto, Thirteen/WNET. Aired April 14, 1995. 

WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT VIOLENCE?, Bill Moyers special which aired on PBS January 9 and 11, 1995.  Editor of 2 segments.  Producer: Dominique Lasseur.

THE STORY OF LASSIE, one hour documentary for PBS, which aired in August, 1994. Wombat Productions. Producer: Gene Feldman.

THIS CRAZY MIXED-UP CULTURE, half hour “cultural magazine” about contemporary trends, for General Motors & pilot for a PBS series, hosted by Buck Henry.  Producers: Tatge-Lasseur Prods.  1994.

ASSAULT AT WEST POINT: BEHIND THE STORY, 10 minute “behind the scenes” documentary for Showtime on the background of the movie, “Assault at West Point”, about the 1880 court martial of the first black West Point cadet.  Air date: Feb. 27, 1994.  Producer: Harry Moses.

LEONARD BERNSTEIN MULTIMEDIA ARCHIVES, 10 minute film for the Leonard Bernstein Foundation, fundraiser for a project to put the composer’s entire archive into electronic media.  Narrated by Lauren Bacall.  Producer: Alyce Myatt.. 1993.

MAE WEST…AND THE MEN WHO KNEW HER, one hour portrait with interviews and film clips, for A&E  and PBS, hosted by Dom de Luise. Wombat Productions.  Producer: Gene Feldman. 1993

DECLARATIONS: ESSAYS ON AMERICAN IDEALS: To Be At Liberty, 9 minute “visual essay” on freedom of expression in cyberspace, written by John Perry Barlow, a 3 part PBS series funded by ITVS. Air date: May 17, 1994.  Executive Producer: David Liu, Claypoint Prods. 1993.

CHALLENGE TO AMERICA, with Hedrick Smith–one hour film in the 4 part WETA series, on America, Japan and Germany, and their economic race today. Aired nationally on PBS on Jan. 3, 1994.  Producer: Philip Burton.

OVER THE EDGE, 28 minute National Geographic Explorer segment, about two Australian daredevils who jump from a 20,000 ft. cliff in the Himalayas.  Air date: March 7, 1993.

BUY ME THAT-3!, half hour comedy “kid’s guide to food advertising”.  Produced by HBO and Consumers’ Reports TV.  Broadcast several times in December, 1992.  Producer: Ellen Kent.

TO READ, one hour “celebration of reading”, cinema vérité portraits of people whose lives were changed by learning to read.  For the Learning Channel.  Broadcast National Literacy Day, 1992.  Producers: Drew-Fairchild.

“SPIES”: TARGET, CUBA and DIPLOMACY, CIA STYLE, half hour episodes in the A&E series on the history of espionage, broadcast 10/14/92 and 2/11/93.  Anthony Potter Productions.

AVERELL HARRIMAN, MAN OF THE WORLD, 14 minute portrait of the life of the former governor and peace negotiator.  Producer: Andrew Schlesinger. 1991

OUR CHILDREN AT RISK, one hour PBS documentary about poor children who don’t get health care, hosted and narrated by Walter Cronkite.  Air date: Nov. 1, 1991.  Producer: Roger Weisberg.  Public Policy Productions.

“BELLEVUE EMERGENCY!”, one half hour episode in the ABC 6 part “reality series”.  Producers: Sonny Grosso, Arthur Barron, for Grosso-Jacobson Entertainment.  1991

DANGEROUS ASSIGNMENTS (co-editor), one hour PBS investigative report focusing on foreign journalists who have risked their lives.  Editor of Philippines story, show open, and round table with Robert MacNeil, Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings.  Aired February 25, 1991.  Producers: Harry and Judith Moses.  (EMMY nomination for show, 1992)

“C. EVERETT KOOP, M.D.”: HARD CHOICES and FOREVER YOUNG, 2 one hour documentaries in the 5 part NBC series.  Producers: Judy Reemtsma and Ed Gray.  Senior producer: Philip Burton.  Aired in June, 1991.  MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, 1990.  (EMMY award for series, 1992)

NEW WAYS OF SEEING: PICASSO, BRAQUE AND THE CUBIST REVOLUTION, one hour film about the background of the landmark show at MOMA, with curator William Rubin.  Producer: Burt Minkoff.  MediaWorks for Philip Morris, 1990.

CAN’T AFFORD TO GROW OLD, one hour documentary about health care for the elderly, hosted by Walter Cronkite, first aired on national PBS in September, 1989, and has aired repeatedly since then.  Producer: Roger Weisberg.  Public Policy Productions.

  • National Educational Film and Video Festival, 1st prize
  • Chicago Int’l Film Festival, Silver Hugo

AGAINST HER WILL, one hour special about date rape, with dramatic reenactments, hosted by Kelly McGillis, for Lifetime Television, aired in May, 1989. Jorn Winther Productions.

“THE POWER GAME”: THE CONGRESS, THE PENTAGON and THE PRESIDENCY, 3 one hour films based on the book by Hedrick Smith about the way Washington works. PBS airdate: 1989.  Producer: Philip Burton

“THE STREET”, 15 half hour episodes of the dramatic series about Newark cops, which aired in April and May, 1988 on WOR-Ch.9, produced for syndication by Quantum Media. Executive producers, John Mankiewicz and Dan Pyne, for MCA-TV.

DUCKS UNDER SIEGE, one hour special for the World of Audubon series, aired on PBS and TBS in 1987.  Producer: Pam Hogan, Philip Burton Productions.  Nominated for an ACE award

ISAAC IN AMERICA: A JOURNEY WITH ISAAC BASHEVIS SINGER, one hour cinema vérité portrait of the writer, the first in the American Masters series, airing on July 6, 1987.  Amram Nowak Associates.

  • Academy Award nomination for feature documentary, 1986
  • New York Film Festival, 1986
  • Berlin Film Festival, 1987
  • Sundance Film Festival, 1987 nominated for Grand Jury Prize

“JIMMY BRESLIN’S PEOPLE”, staff video editor of documentary/interview segments.  Aired nationwide on ABC late night Sept.-Dec., 1986.  (A segment I edited on AIDS was nominated for an EMMY.)

VIENNA 1900, half hour documentary about the art of late 19th/early 20th century Vienna, produced in conjunction with MOMA, aired on WNET/13 on July 16, 1986. Metropolitan Arts.  Producers:  Bob Rosen and Andrea Simon.

EISENSTAEDT: GERMANY, half hour documentary about the 82 year old photographer’s return to his homeland after an absence of 35 years.  Aired on PBS in 1982 and 1985.  (Show received EMMY nomination)  CINDY award for best editing, 1981.  Varied Directions.  Producer: David Hoffman.

TEEDIE, half hour dramatic children’s film, pilot for a proposed series on childhoods of the great.  Films by Edmond Levy, distributed by Disney.

“OMNI: THE NEW FRONTIER”, syndicated series about science and medicine of the future, film segment on Suzanne Ciani, synthesizer composer–producer, director, editor, 1981.  Senior producer: Vivian Moss.

“3-2-1 CONTACT”, Children’s Television Workshop, documentary segments with actors and real people, teaching science to kids.  Segment producer, 1980.  Senior producer: Kathy Mendoza.

“BIG BLUE MARBLE”, syndicated children’s TV series.  Segment producer and editor from 1977 to 1980.  My segment on a child prodigy cellist represented BBM when it won its first daytime EMMY in 1978.  Senior producer:  Bob Wiemer.

THE HEALER and PARAISO, half hour documentaries set in Peru and Nicaragua, for the Maryknoll Foundation, produced by Amram Nowak Associates.  American Film Festival, Red Ribbon, 1972.

Campaign films and commercials for political candidates:  David Sawyer, Charles Guggenheim, David Garth, producers. 1972-1978.

ECHOES OF SILENCE, 76 minute feature film about young people searching for love and meaning on the streets of New York City. Production assistant and assistant editor.
Filmmaker: Peter Emanuel Goldman. 1966.

  • Knowledge of French, Spanish, Italian, German.
  • Member:  New York Women in Film and Television, Women Make Movies, IFP